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Cooking; an art of living…

Chefs are getting more and more famous. Besides being in their restaurant we see them appear on television, print media and live during workshops, conferences and in jury’s.
For as well the chef as the potential client who is interested in hiring a chef for an event, it always turn out to be a win-win situation.
More and more often companies realize that doing business in whatever the branch might be can be linked with food.
The appearance of a chef on those places and in the right situation became a essential component and stimulates networking and enjoying together good food.

Our job
For many chefs, their restaurant is the primary source of pressure and leads to them feeling stressed.
As an agent for several international chefs our job is to take away a big part of this stress by taking over the whole part of the international demands for the appearance of the chefs during big events, being part of jury’s, participation in workshops or TV shows.
As soon as a demand arrives at the chefs office, Clafoutis can take it over and will deal between the client and the chef. This means there are less mails to treat, less phone calls to return and once on location realizing everything has been arranged!

Important qualities of an agent
Even most of the chefs with whom I work already know me I would like to share some very important qualities:

Clafoutis works since 8 years with International Michelin star chefs. They know the capability and knowledge of the company in the gastronomic world.

Having an agent who is devoted to his job assures you that you would get the best.

An agent should always be alert and ready to act if there is anything you need. Taking the inititiative when urgent is a must.

This is one of the most important qualities of an agent. Having a honest and clear relationship between the chef, the agent and the client is very important.

An agent should be a good communicator and accessible not just to you but also to the client.


Sergio Herman *** Restaurant The Jane, Antwerp, Belgium


Emmanuel Stroobant, Restaurant St.Pierre, Singapore

Emmanuel Stroobant Profile

Onno Kokmeijer**, Restaurant Ciel Bleu, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Atul Kochhar **, Restaurant Benares, London, United Kingdom

Atul Kochhar

Erik Van Loo*, Restaurant Parkheuvel, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Joe Barza, Tv Top chef, culinary consultant Beirouth, Lebanon

Joe Barza (2)

Wolfgang Becker**, Restaurant Becker’s, Trier, Germany


Giovanni D’Amato **, La Cucina di Gianni D’Amato, Reggiolo, Italie


Joris Bijdendijk, Restaurant Rijks, Amsterdam, Netherlands


David Higgs, David Higgs, Johannesburg, South Africa

david higgs

Emmanuel Renaut ***, Restaurant Flocons de Sel, Mégève, France

renaut 2-1(1)

Christophe Muller***, Restaurant Paul Bocuse, Lyon, France

Christophe MULLER Veronese