KITCHEN 23 by Le Chique by Jonatán Gómez Luna

Chef Jonatán Gómez Luna is an award-winning chef who has forged his culinary talents at globally acclaimed restaurants. As Executive Chef of Le Chique, Chef Jonatán blends cutting-edge modernist techniques with sheer showmanship to transform food into unforgettable sensory experiences for his clientele. “We go to great lengths to create a memorable experience for our guests through bold, fun, cutting-edge cuisine using the most innovative cooking techniques and fresh and authentic Mexican ingredients.”

A true fine dining experience shouldn’t just be a feast for taste; it should be feast of the senses. At Kitchen 23, our Chef de Cuisine, sommelier, and mixologist work together to concoct meals to surprise, amuse, and amaze the senses. Welcome to what we have labeled Modernist Cuisine – an experience in culinary arts that challenges and completely redefines the idea of fine dining.