Stars, Food & Art


Surrounded by l’art de vivre, (the art of living) the idea was born in 2007 to organise an event that would be unique and memorable: S T A R S,  F O O D  &  A R T. A moment where people could truly enjoy an exceptional experience, together in good company, sharing excellent food, wine and culture.
Great chefs , (Tamers of ranges) crowned with Michelin stars, are artists in gastronomy. They excel in their field like other famous artists. You travel with them on a journey of discovery of flavours. Their passion and soul are the secrets that you will discover in their culinary presentation !
But gastronomy offers more. Gastronomy means conviviality in a world where every moment matters. It brings people and cultures closer together.
It also offers a crucible for creativity, understanding and co-operation. Last but not least, gastronomy and other art expressions reinforce and inspire each other.
The initiative was taken by Lise Timmer, owner of Clafoutis and director of the Management & coaching of (Michelin Starred) chefs and global eventmanagement. Her goal was to combine know-how, creativity and facilities to organise an event where culture, food, wine and art are united.